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Posted: October 3, 2010 in Poetry
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monkeys press distorted faces

against stained glass windows

itchy vibrations climb from linoleum

and squirt like lizards’ tongues

across the unborn thighs of the twenty-first century

empty bottles everywhere: the drugstore is closed

pull the binds! turn up the music!

choke the screaming night with 100 watts

capitalize the T in technology

until it turns into a cross

nail my existence to it

like a faded ticket to the latest crucifixion

call it predestination or divine will

watch the hero piss in the dusty crossroads

village idiots fight to float their boats

around shrinking islands of logic

suicidal cowboys are eager to pull nuclear strings

let the loaded dice roll down the parabolic edge

saviors wait for high noon in the hollywood hills

reading sanskrit translations of playboy

mechanical students bounce out of school

crawl apelike into melancholy shopping malls

mad poets throw stones at the moon

nobody sees the ones that hit

through the veil of falling objects



Posted: October 3, 2010 in Poetry
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the compass is broken

routines of daily life are glaciers

drifting between birth and death

cosmic riddles twinkle like chrome

in the broken eyes of night

dreams hide their invisible weapons

wizards prowl day-glo painted streets

they are fossils passing out pamphlets made from jello

lost pirates blazing on a frozen globe


the reveries of a fleeting moment!

vacations from associations!

vacations from anything useful!

don’t look back….

an extinct bird cries alone on the shore

fix your attention on accidents

your life is an eternal myth

you are as legendary as you imagine


Posted: September 30, 2010 in Poetry
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The First Lady of Cool

was my eleventh cousin

twelve times removed

from simple realities

she preferred

three-headed catpeople

to television or marriage

she was a mover

in closed circles

elephant riders

and unknown poets

she covered her walls

with empty frames

thought out loud

about psychotic equations

and fixed her flavored lipstick

in an antique mirror

she found while diving

in the president’s Jacuzzi