Orphans Assassins and the Existential Eggplant has been named  Silver Award Winner for Historic Fiction in the U.K.-based Wishing Shelf Book Awards. The competition is open to independent authors around the globe. Books are judged by two Reading Groups, one in London and one in Stockholm. The members of these groups are not “professional editors or ‘BIG’ in the publishing world, but they love to read and know a good book when they see it.” Judging was based on four critical areas:

  • EDITING Is there a flow to the text or is it a scratched record?
  • THEME Is the book current/interesting/original/exciting?
  • STYLE Is it a page-turner? The beginning grips you and the end knocks you for six.
  • COVER AND ILLUSTRATIONS Eye-catching? Age appropriate? Do they add to the book

I’m honored to be included among the winners of this fantastic award. Congratulations to my fellow writers and thanks to all the judges!




just_the_coverCover design by Ted Killian

Orphans, Assassins and the Existential Eggplant takes you on a wild ride through the early 13th century with a female alchemist, orphan teenager and an ancient, shrunken eggplant that can speak to whomever wears it.

In search of the fabled Lost Stone of Eden, they cross Europe and the Mediterranean with the Children’s Crusade, hijack a caravan in the Sahara desert, live with hashish-fueled Assassins in the mountains of Persia and rediscover paradise on the island of Bahrain.


See what reader’s are saying about Orphans, Assassins and the Existential Eggplant.


Side view shows theme of floral arrangements around the seat’s rim, jungle green near top of legs, then oceanic blue, then red roses at the bottom of the legs. Again, colors were my daughter’s request. Images came from dozens of common sources: magazines, rose and flower catalogs, calendars, environmental direct mail flyers, you name it.

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That’s right folks! Three books of original poetry from JT Gillett are now available at Amazon.com

Selling Ice Cream in Burning Theaters; 64 pages.

Responsibility of Madness; 50 pages.

This Is My Last Poem; 48 pages.

A complete collection of JT Gillett’s poems, titled “Poems for the Revolution That Does Not Exist,” will be available in early 2012.


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