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Toss 3 coins

and watch them fall.

It’s the twenty-third hexagram.

The broken house of po.

Harbinger of things splitting apart.

Undermined by darkness.

Be prepared for takeoff on runway 23.

Listen for urgent code twenty-threes

from all radio wave rangers.

Feel the earth’s axis tilt at twenty-three degrees

tropics of cancer and capricorn at twenty-three degrees

recite the twenty-three propositions of Euclid

visualize twenty-three pairs of DNA chromosomes

in every human cell

2,300 grateful dead concerts

the human soul weighs precisely 23 grams

Harpo Marx: born on November twenty-third

Star Trek: twenty-third century

there are twenty-three ways to skin a rat

it takes twenty-three minutes for a good guy

to sink in Hollywood quicksand

the longest recorded orgasm

lasted twenty-three seconds

the shortest was 2.3 seconds

both records were simultaneous

and resulted in spontaneous combustion.

It takes twenty-three seconds for the embers to cool

twenty-three seconds and twenty-three skidoos

twenty-three seconds and twenty-three skidoos.