Started with a broken chair that had no seat, half a leg and other issues. Repaired it with multi-layers of papier-mache, covered with hundrreds of images gleaned from magazines and floral catalogs.


  1. jon says:

    love the chair – I’m doing lot’s of papmach at the moment, and am about to start on larger pieces like furniture, so I’m looking around for sealant at the moment and was delighted to see the words “natural sealant” in your description – what sealant are you using please please please let me know.

    Trying to stay as green as poss

    kind regards
    Bunstan McFunkstan

    • JT Gillett says:

      Hi Jon,

      Thanks for the kind comment about thew chair and the question about the sealant…I made the chair in the early 90s and recall the bottle of sealant claimed to be “natural,” which is a pretty loose term…I couldn’t find the olds sealant, but I did find another that use to resurface another piece–it was a Mod Podge sealant from Plaid that is certified “non-toxic”….here’s a link to a web page about it’s safety:

      Non-toxic may be the closet to natural we can get, besides beeswax (too stickey for functional furniture) or some shellacs (which can discolor with age)

      I’m going to change the copy on the blog to reflect “non-toxic” reality w/ my next update….thanks for getting me to check this out and good luck with your furniture project!



  2. Tezi says:

    Love the chair, very inspiring.

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