Posted: October 3, 2010 in Poetry
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waitress clearing tables

dishwasher humming top 40 hits

taxi waiting at curb

someone left italian sunglasses

between empty bowls of olives: no tip

it would be nice to get involved

in a tragic situation

someplace dangerous like a bathroom

plenty of running water

white ceramic reflections

effect the brain subliminally

they would fit in any pocket

Q: how much LSD does it take to kill an elephant?

A: in 1962 a male elephant died

after being injected with 300,000 micrograms

simple as riding bicycles

her wet rag moving closer

wiping tables clean for new players

Q: is it ever too late?

A: young goatherds in kirghiz work all year

for enough opium to last one winter

last night six teenagers

set fire to my apartment

sunglasses are incidental

expendable accessories

could it be the rain?

the corners of her eyes?

it would be nice to play it safe

make a living pushing buttons

she’s lighting a cigarette

too much bad coffee: five cups

no place better to spend time or money

dishwasher improvising blues

Q: most burglaries are committed:

a) on moonless nights

b) by average citizens on the job

c) inside the temple of boredom

doors open to wet roadnoise

two teenagers empty into chairs

loosen tops to all salt ’n pepper shakers

waitress asks what they want

they want it all right now: two cokes to go

nothing strange in public places

T or F: if every cafe in america was stacked one atop the other

there would be no need for a space program

teenagers snatch sunglasses from the next table

and walk out like they own the whole damn city

waitress smiles at a bad joke

dollar on the table: keep the change


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